Sunday, 21 February 2016

Coming to the end of half term in this "Cake-filled, misery-laden, grey old Island"...

A big thank you to all those who responded to my call to action for Dafur in my last blog. I’m reliably informed that the allegations exposed in the document I wrote about have reached the attention of UN officials. Whether or not they investigate them is another matter.

For those who asked if the country profile I wrote for the New Internationalist is available online yet, it is. Here’s the link:

I take heart when I see articles written (by myself or anyone else), evidencing the genocide in Darfur, being picked up by reputable organisations such as War Crimes Prosecution Watch, which compiles “official documents and articles from major news sources detailing and analysing salient issues pertaining to the investigation and prosecution of war crimes throughout the world”. It’s not much and it’s certainly not nearly enough, but it gives me hope and hope is all that’s left.

My next post will be up in a few days. It’s been half term here in what Emma Thompson hilariously described this week as “a cake-filled misery-laden grey old island.” If you didn’t catch her soul soaring, raucously refreshing rant, check it out. I love a celebrity that gets cross about something other than mansion tax.

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