Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A Call for Labour on June 8th

We're within touching distance of a Labour victory on June 8th. Jeremy Corbyn and his team have produced the most visionary manifesto in British history, with social justice, fairness and hope jumping out from every page. Despite the right wing media (I include the BBC in that) & Tory attack dogs resorting to underhand tactics and taking out "dark ads" on social media, Labour has run a positive, dignified campaign. 

The politics of fairness, building a society & economic infrastructure to benefit the many rather than the elite, rich few, has ignited an excitement that change is within our grasp. Jeremy Corbyn's principled politics of hope over hate has won the hearts & minds of the nation. More young people have registered to vote than ever before, thanks to Labour's efforts to engage them. The Tories made no attempt to register the youth vote.

Despite royally stitching up their loyal older supporters (Dementia tax, scrapping winter fuel allowance & the triple lock on pensions), the Tories can probably still rely on their vote on June 8th. Just because many older voters will vote (according to polling experts) out of habit.

So, winning this historic election on June 8th will depend on getting young people to come out & vote Labour and encouraging our parents & grandparents not to vote Tory & vote Labour instead.

Here's 4 things we can all do to make June 8th the end of May & be part of making history:

1) Call your parents & grandparents: Owen Jones' video below is spot on. It provides good routes into the kind of conversation (see below) we can have with our family.

2) Call your friends & talk to them about your hopes, fears & the importance of voting for all of our futures on June 8th.

3) Get out on the door steps: Momentum has a tool (see below) to help find your nearest marginal (a constituency where the gap in votes is narrow & Labour could win- with grassroots support). June 8th is the most important day for door knocking. If you click on the link below it tells you where the meeting point is, if you feel you can spare a couple of hours, or even an hour on Thursday. If you're driving, maybe offer a lift to some friends & be part of making history together!

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